Draw your own house and visualize it in 3D

Are you dreaming of your own property or would you like to renovate, refurbish, convert or refurnish your property? Then you have come to the right place. Implement your ideas and floor plans with our intuitive CAD software down to the smallest detail and leave nothing to chance. With our 3D architecture software, you can draw and furnish your own house yourself and, of course, walk through it in a three-dimensional representation.

Simple and uncomplicated to the building plan

Drawing your houseWe will show you step by step what you need to pay attention to when drawing your house and with which steps you can most easily create the floor plan and also the interior design of your house. It doesn’t matter whether you are drawing your future dream house, planning a property to be built soon or want to change or convert your existing house. The steps and procedure for drawing a house are always the same.
Our house planner software enables you to plan a wide range of different house types according to your wishes and ideas.

Important points and tips before planning begins

Before you start drawing your house and implementing your ideas, there are several things you should be clear about. The following points have a significant influence on the design of your property.

  • The house type and shape
  • The materials used for your house
  • The material of the windows
  • The layered structure of the walls
  • Which roof form and which functionality should the roof have
  • What budget is available for the construction project
  • What size should the property be
  • How many people will live and stay in the house
  • How much space will be available for each person
  • If a study is needed in the house
  • What orientation should the house have

When planning, also consider important points such as accessibility or family planning. Drawing a house always also means looking at the potential future. After all, in the ideal case you would like to live in your house for many years with satisfaction.
In addition, comprehensive house planning also takes the outside area into account.

Advantages if you draw your house yourself

If you intend to design your own dream house, you probably start collecting design ideas and tips with your family and friends or online on several self-built platforms until you have developed a basic understanding and a set of some few building types you may like. With cadvilla you can bring all these ideas to a virtual life and then walk around in 3D . All that based on different floor plan designs and building styles. While doing this you will not only get a deeper understanding about how to use a 3D CAD Software but also gain a better understanding about advantages and disadvantages of your previously collected house designs.

Use the possibility of a 3D house design software to create multiple floor plans and compare them. Try to incorporate advantages of one of your predefined floor plans into a completely new floor plan layout until you have the one that perfectly fits to your needs and ideas.

Before you start drawing your house

Before starting to enter the floor plan, it is important to know the exact dimensions of the house. If you already own a plot of land or know an interesting plot of land, you usually also know the maximum size your future house may have. If you already live in a house and only want to furnish it from scratch, you can either consult the building plans or simply measure the house yourself. The exact external dimensions are the basis for the entire planning and should therefore be available before the floor plan is drawn up. If this is the case, you can start drawing your house with our 3D planning software. Below you will find instructions on how to draw your house correctly in order to achieve the desired result as quickly as possible.

Draw the floor plan: To create the first floor

Draw floor planOur floor plan planner software offers many functions to quickly and easily capture the most diverse floor plans in an intuitive way. When creating the floor plan, it is best to start by drawing the outer walls. This will give you an outline of the building and an initial overview. The fastest way to draw the outline is to use the 2D plan view of the planning software in combination with a grid of guide lines. This input method allows you to create the floor plans with the highest accuracy and enables you to work effectively and quickly. When drawing the outer walls, also consider their thickness. This is because external walls are usually much thicker than internal walls, as they fulfil load-bearing functions.

Extend the floor plan with interior walls

If the complete outline of your building is available, you can proceed to the next step. Begin to expand the floor plan with details. It is best to start by drawing the interior walls. With the help of the walls you create the first interior rooms in the floor plan. This will create the living room, kitchen, bedroom or even the bathroom and storage room in no time. Try out different variants with different room arrangements. Alternatively, there is also a separate room planner assistant for drawing individual rooms. With the help of this tool you can create a room with just a few clicks in a very short time.

Draw windows and doors in the floor plan

Define and position windowsIn the next step you draw the windows and doors. These give the walls structure and bring natural light into the individual rooms. Select the desired single- or multi-leaf window from our extensive window catalogue, specify the width, height and parapet height and draw it into the floor plan at the exact position you want using the construction aids. The procedure is the same when creating the inner and outer doors. After selecting and defining the dimensions, position the door with just one click and at the same time determine the stop and the opening direction. Subsequent changes are of course possible at any time.

Work simultaneously in 2D floor plan and 3D visualization

Working in several views in parallelTo see the effect of your planning, you should not only plan your house or apartment in the 2D top view, but also take a look at the 3D visualization of the 3D model from time to time. To do this, place a 2D view and a 3D representation of the floor plan next to each other on the screen. The 3D mode allows you to view the rooms from a natural perspective. With this procedure you can estimate the effect of the rooms and their size much easier.

If you have a large enough screen, you can create several 2D and 3D views next to each other on the screen. This allows you to follow the progress in all open views simultaneously and from different viewing angles while you are entering the floor plan. Whether you are drawing details of your new house in a 2D or a 3D view, working on the 3D model means that all changes are always shown simultaneously in all views.

Drawing further constructive elements

In the next step, you now add the remaining construction elements to the floor plan. These include stairs, top and bottom beams, ceiling slabs, columns, chimneys, wall recesses and, in the case of multi-storey buildings, also ceiling recesses. For all these elements there are intuitive dialogs for defining the desired dimensions and shapes, which help you to design them exactly according to your ideas. The exact positioning of the elements can then be conveniently drawn into the floor plan using the construction aids included in the program.

Create additional floors and finalize the floor plan for the house

After the first floor has been entered, the planning of the other floors begins. You can either design these again completely freely, or you can simply transfer the floor plan of the ground floor or parts of it to the next floor. There you can make any necessary additions and thus complete the plan.

Entering the roof

Roof planningYour house is only finished when you have inserted the suitable roof according to your wishes and specifications. To generate a roof with the corresponding roof truss, a comfortable roof assistant is integrated in our house planning software. With this tool you can generate all desired roof shapes in a simple and intuitive way. These include a hipped roof, gable roof, mansard roof, pitched roof, pent roof, flat roof or a combination of the individual roof forms.
The matching roof truss is automatically calculated according to the specifications with the desired purlins, clamps and rafters. The necessary input parameters for the timber dimensions can be modified in addition to the standard settings.

Furnishing the house

Walk through the 3D floor plan virtuallyBuying, building or even renovating a house is associated with high costs. For this reason, it is particularly important to plan and keep all relevant elements as far in advance as possible. This includes the exact planning and design of the furnishings. Empty rooms often appear neither beautiful nor particularly spacious. Only furnished, many rooms can really unfold their charm. For this reason, one of the many functions of our house planner software is the planning and visualization of the interior design.

For this purpose you have an extensive collection of 3D furniture from all important areas at your disposal. To position it, simply select the desired objects and drag and drop them conveniently into the floor plan. The exact positioning of the furniture is best done in the 2D view. This allows you to position the pieces of furniture exactly in the room and convince yourself of their effect in the house in the parallel 3D view.

From cadvilla professional onwards the program also includes its own import interface for importing further 3D elements. Whether you are looking for 3D furniture, plants, trees, animals or people, you are sure to find 3D models on the Internet that exactly meet your requirements and that you are looking for. Download 3D elements from various manufacturers and integrate them directly into the libraries of our architecture software for further use.

The virtual tour of the entire house

Once you have completed the planning so far and have incorporated all your ideas into the design, you should take the time to take a virtual tour of your house at your leisure. Move from room to room in the 3D visualization with the mouse and keyboard and view your ideas from different angles in all details.

Share the pictures on Facebook & Co.

Visualize house in 3DIn the 3D visualization you can not only see photorealistic images, but also export them conveniently as image files. So you can share the plans of your house with friends or relatives, for example. Your friends may have important and helpful additional ideas, tips and suggestions and can draw your attention to certain details that you didn’t even notice when drawing. This way you can revise the floor plans or the plans again if necessary, thus ensuring even more safety and comfort.

The quality of the photo-realistic pictures will inspire both you and your friends. Our house planner software calculates the pictures with the corresponding light/shadow calculation according to the time of day and the respective position of the sun and ensures a perfect impression through exact shadows and reflections. We recommend to calculate the individual rooms at three different times of day. This will give you a complete overview of the spatial effect and the lighting situation in the individual rooms. You will also get to know the rooms in your house better and can get more effective tips and ideas from other people.

Comprehensive help and support are important

If you have any questions about our house planner software or would like to get more information, just have a look at our extensive support area. There you will find the best tips for every major topic and a corresponding video in which the functions and use of the individual tools are explained step by step. For special questions we can connect to your computer free of charge by means of remote maintenance (Teamviewer) and solve them under the guidance of our trained support staff in direct contact. In this way you will get to know the individual functions of the CAD software even better and can implement specific solutions even faster through direct contact. Because often a written instruction is not enough to learn all functions immediately.

Buy your own 3D house planner software

Due to the simple and intuitive operating concept, our architecture software is not only suitable for architects and professionals, but also for beginners and newcomers to the world of CAD programs. Buy your personal planning software today and start right after the download with the visualization of your dream house. Get tips from your friends and start implementing your creative ideas. Convert your house construction with our planning software and visualize your future home sweet home today.

If you have any open questions, watch one or the other video and learn even faster how to use our intuitive CAD software. Draw the floor plan of your dreams today. Our house planning program is available in four different versions that build on each other.

We have the right software solution for you! The prices range between € 39,95 – € 219,00 incl. VAT. *

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