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CINEMA 4D Export – Plugin

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Additional information about how to export cadvilla 3D data to CINEMA 4D

Our cadvilla CINEMA 4D interface exports all 3D data of a cadvilla project as CINEMA 4D file format.

The generated file can be directly opened and edited in CINEMA 4D and therefore creates results directly from the planning process within a few minutes.

Feature description – Exporting a cadvilla project to CINEMA 4D

  • Export entire projects and 3D scenes including light sources, materials, and textures
  • Export individual elements via the cadvilla visibility function to expand your CINEMA 4D catalog. In cadvilla, the detailed visibility of a 3D view can also be used to display design details such as roofs, stairs and all other cadvilla content from the extensive catalogs. This is a source of 3D models that you can later use independently of any planning.
  • The complete structure of a cadvilla project consisting of buildings, floors and construction elements is optionally retained during export. This means that elements can be easily identified and edited later in CINEMA 4D.
  • Materials and objects can be merged during export and as a result increase the ease of use in CINEMA 4D.
  • Viewpoints defined in cadvilla are exported and immediately available in CINEMA 4D as a camera position.

Example of a 3D project in CINEMA 4D after the cadvilla export
(CINEMA 4D is a product of MAXON Computer GmbH)

Cinema4d Screenshot