IFC Export / BIM Export for cadvilla


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IFC Export / BIM Export – Plugin

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Additional IFC (BIM) Export PlugIn

The cadvilla IFC export PlugIn, also called BIM interface, writes 3D data and building component properties of a cadvilla project as an IFC file for further usage in other software products supporting this data exchange standard.

These can be other design programs, but also complementary products for calculation, cost estimation etc..

In case of doubt, please ask your third party software provider whether their software supports IFC standard.

Both the geometries of the individual components and their properties are exported with our cadvilla BIM / IFC interface. As a result, you receive the entire cadvilla 3D building in your target software for further use, refinement, or analysis without post-processing.

Our current version transfers the following planning elements to a BIM interface (IFC file).

  • Walls, ceilings, floors, wall and ceiling cut-outs, beams, supports
  • Doors and windows (including window constructions), stairs
  • 3D constructions, 3D objects from the objects catalog
  • The entire roof including dormers, wooden structure and skylights
  • Individual 3D surfaces created with our surface planner