Additional 3D objects for cadvilla – Bathroom Equipment 1

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Badmöbel BaF-13 portrait

3D Bathroom Collection 1

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– Additional 3D object collection for cadvilla


Bathroom Collection 1 includes over 800 objects and additional textures for bathroom design.

In detail this includes:

Serie 1 – 142 Bathroom Objects
Serie 2 – 672 Bathroom Objects

Samples created with cadvilla and bathroom collection 1

Shown below are a few object-examples from Bathroom collection 1.
To enlarge one of the following images simply click on it. To close the window which is then opened, simply click on X.

Badmöbel BaF-1 AtriaBadmöbel BaF-2 BrideBadmöbel BaF-3 freelance1Badmöbel BaF-4 freelance2Badmöbel BaF-5 neutral1Badmöbel BaF-6 neutral10Badmöbel BaF-7 neutral11Badmöbel BaF-8 neutral12Badmöbel BaF-22 neutral10Badmöbel BaF-9 neutral2Badmöbel BaF-10 neutral3Badmöbel BaF-12 neutral4Badmöbel BaF-13 neutral5Badmöbel BaF-14 neutral6Badmöbel BaF-15 neutral7Badmöbel BaF-16 neutral8Badmöbel BaF-17 neutral9Badmöbel BaF-18 oceaBadmöbel BaF-19 odela1Badmöbel BaF-20 odela2Badmöbel BaF-11 patio1Badmöbel BaF-12 patio2Badmöbel BaF-13 portraitBadmöbel BaF-14 presquile1Badmöbel BaF-15 presquile2Badmöbel BaF-16 revival1Badmöbel BaF-23 revival2Badmöbel BaF-17 sanilineBadmöbel BaF-18 saniline2Badmöbel BaF-19 simalBadmöbel BaF-20 tellieurBadmöbel BaF-21 trocadero