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big trees SB7

3D Photo Trees

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– Additional 3D object collection for cadvilla


Our additional 3D Photo Trees catalog contains 75 Photo-3D objects of the topics

  • small, middle and big trees

Photo objects consist of photos with transparent border that have been projected onto a 3D object of zero thickness. They are the most realistic-looking design elements of a 3D scene and have compared to standard 3D objects the advantage of having only very few internal surfaces and as a result combine very high quality with very low performance consumption.

Like other 3D objects, photo objects can easily be placed via Drag & Drop from the catalog and then changed in height and width if necessary.

All 75 trees in the library are in a high and a low resolution. If you want to use the plant object directly in the foreground of the scene, take the plant objects with high resolution for the maximum quality. Otherwise, use the plant objects with low resolution.

Photo objects make your 3D visualization scenes and resulting images much more realistic. The trees in the library are only deciduous trees.

Sample images from the object collection 3D Photo Trees

große Bäume SB1große Bäume SB2große Bäume SB3große Bäume SB4große Bäume SB5große Bäume SB6große Bäume SB7große Bäume SB8große Bäume SB9große Bäume SB10große Bäume SB11große Bäume SB12

mittlere Bäume SM1mittlere Bäume SM2mittlere Bäume SM3mittlere Bäume SM4mittlere Bäume SM5mittlere Bäume SM6mittlere Bäume SM7mittlere Bäume SM8mittlere Bäume SM9mittlere Bäume SM10mittlere Bäume SM11mittlere Bäume SM12

kleine Bäume B1kleine Bäume B2kleine Bäume B3kleine Bäume B4kleine Bäume B5kleine Bäume B6kleine Bäume B7kleine Bäume B8kleine Bäume B9kleine Bäume B10kleine Bäume B11kleine Bäume B12